Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dimensions in Dollmaking 2008 Susan Woodworth Garden Fairy Doll
Dimensions in Dollmaking

Best Original: "Garden Fairy" by Susan Woodworth

I used a wooden base and drilled a hole for a metal rod that holds her up and and into the base. It was covered with mulberry paper then skeleton leaves, beads and a left over copper wire that had a leaf on each end. She rises up off the base as if in flight. How fun she was to make. I never could have guess the end product. I try to use only found, recycled or remodeled items. I hit the fabric store all the time for remnants. I collect "stuff" all the time. She has 100% wool felt legs, hand fringed skirt, 2 brass like bracelets as her belt. I had that great charm that is at her waist and then used petals from a Burgundy sunflower at her waist. Her hair is hand spun wool yarn that I cut to use the thick and thin parts. The wings are from coat hangers that were bent in shape and then I zig-zag stiched the delicate wing fabric on to them. There are some beads, copper wire work and .... my kitchen wind chime gave up it's bells to her. It had served it time in the window long enough.

This is the finished product of my first stand alone doll. She is 24 inches tall and is totally original and made by me... inside and out.


Paulette said...

Love your color choices. Congratulations on your first design!

Karen Mallory said...

She is a magnificent doll! You did a great job on her!
hugs Karen