Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Depot Doll Club Portland Oregon

My sister Beverly Reinhart and I attended our first doll club meeting, that lead to our first doll showing. The dolls from the other club members filled the shelves to overflowing!
Depotdoll club was able to display all these beautiful dolls at Quilting Delights in Clackamas, Oregon. This wonderful quilt shop has remodeled and expanded and offered this unique book shelf as a stage. The club was started in 2000 after Elinor Peace Bailey taught a workshop. They are sponsored by the Fabric Depot in Portland, Oregon. This Store usually has just about any fabric you can think of and I can spend hours just wondering around, filling up a cart.
Can you find my Witch, Garden fairy and my White primitive angle doll in the mix??

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Karen Mallory said...

What a wonderful display and the dolls are all so different! What fun to belong to a doll club!
hugs Karen