Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Teagan's Birthday Picnic Table

Back to Tole painting for this project. It was toooo hot to paint out on the patio this weekend at almost 100 degrees. Then it rains and is too wet to paint out on the patio. Grandma (Pam) Cameron had Spencer bring me a great garage sale find. This wonderful wooden picnic table will be a Birthday gift for our 2 year old Granddaughter Teagan.

So the project starts out in my head and then to the art studio on the living room coffee table. This little table is a bit bigger than tole painting a Christmas Sled. Out come the paints, more paints and lots more paints to mix and match.

Teagan loves just about anything but kitties that say, "Maow" are her favorite. So of coarse her table had to have kitties! Each kitty has found the top of a birdhouse to visit with thier bird friends.

The black and white kitty is my favorite and the heart says T.J. for her initials. The large orange kitty looks a bit menacing But really has a sweet face, a red bow, a tag that says "Maow" and a blue bird on his tail. He just got a bit big.

This kitties face opposite of each other on the table so she can pick which kitty to eat and visit with. On each attached sit is a large lady bug and a dragonfly or butterfly. I have to been done sooooo. It needs it coats of varnish.

I have always been an 11Th hour procrastinator~! Lots of love Nana


Carla said...

How cute!! Your art is fantastic.

Kat Lees said...

You are a fantastic artist, very nice works of art. Keep up the good work. Kat Lees