Saturday, October 4, 2008

VR Challenge Doll for Friends of Cloth Dolls

The face of this doll is from pre-printed fabric designed by Virginia Robertson who sells designs dolls and sells patterns and books on We each had several faces to chose from and then we each decided on what kind of doll to design around our face. Halloween popped into my head for her.
I hear from other doll makers who have unfinished dolls and other projects still left to do. I had finished this doll for our challenge in this group but had wanted to add more to her. Her body is from a thick felted wool and then Halloween added from head to toes. She as articulating hands and arms, she can sit but not stand. I needle felted her a litttle black kitty face in black wool then metallic yarn with orange wool facial features. She has ruffles and ribbons and a jiggle bell ring and bells on her toes.

The cape I redesigned for her is lined and filled with cotton flat batting. I free stitched quilted the cape and appliqued a moon and metallic black cat jumping across the moon.

Her face was sweet to start out with. I only needle sculpted it a bit, added highlights to her eyes, cheeks and lips. The hair I made is from 100% wool yarn and eyelash yarn. I made ringlets by wrapping that combination around wooden dowels, soaked in water then baked. Long flowing lush ringlets!!
I have placed her on Etsy under Susiedesigns.

Friends of Cloth Dolls: a Yahoo group for doll makers, new, old, just starting out or old hands at it.

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