Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coth and Clay Dolls~ Gritty Jane Doll

This is my Gritty Jane Doll from the online Cloth and Clay Doll Class by Jan DesRosier.
She was very fun to do. Music sheets decoupaged to her bodice and arms. Clay hair in a flip... I think mine was like this in 6 Th grade.
A vintage black and white skirt from a resale shop for her skirt. Eyelash metallic yarn, a vintage rhinestone button holds 3 red and black polka dot hearts from her waist line. Her Mary Jane shoes have red polka dot heats on the bands.


Sharon Stevens said...

OMG Susie..your gritty arts doll is the best I've seen yet!! I joined the group recently mainly just to chat and meet new friends. I love to create with cloth and clay. Welcome to TDIPT :-)
Mustard Seed Originals

SusieDesigns said...

Sharon..thx for the great compliment and welcome. Susie