Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family Ties~~Aging Mothers

My 92 1/2 year old Mother has been a strong and wonderful parent for her large family. We have been celebrating her life since finding out she has just a short time left with us. She has been pain free with liver cancer but failing rapidly. She wanted to have everyone to stop by so she can say goodbye and we continue to parade in and out. The grand kids dressed her in a pink feathered tiara and boa as we laughed and teased with her last weekend. She is still with us now eating ice cream every chance she can and 1/2 a beer at 5pm. She is in her home with my sister staying 24/7 just as promised.It has been a reconnecting of aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters. My nieces and daughter took me out to Karaoke...they sang and I laughed. We all needed it.
She continues to amaze us with her delightful smile, funny, historical and thoughtful comments.

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Carla said...

Such wonderful photos and memories. She looks like a sweetie pie. I have a photo of my mom in a pink fuzzy hat being silly.