Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jack Johnston Art Dolls Class Susiedesigns

We got to Salt Lake City 12/3/09, Thursday for our ArtDolls class with Jack Johnston. Class starts tomorrow... FRIDAY. We brought tons of stuff to work on today, before class and after class. We had an extra table brought in to our room. I have my reindeer to work on and some penny quilting. My sister brought one of sculpted "old sister dolls" to work on their clothing.
The weather here is beautifully sunny but BRRRRRRRRRRr cold. In the 20's. Although our home in Oregon City, Oregon just 10 degrees warmer and expecting snow this weekend.
We took a walk and went over to Kmart and my sister searched and searched for a nice gray knit top.... to cut up and use for her dolls bloomers....HA~! Crafter's all the way.
I found Heartland Paper.. a great scrap booking store but I only came out with some snowflake designs.
Below you can see some of our class...YIPEEE

Here is just a small grouping or finished heads from our class. Forgotten camera sticks...low batteries and just having too much fun to take pictures at our first class.

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Skeleton In My Closet said...


Looks like grand fun! I love making expressive faces.

We are having snow here too in SE PA. Our first of the season. NOT a fan of cold weather...brrrrr.