Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Refreshes......

Where have I been~? I have wondered that myself. My nursing job with Willamette Falls Hospital has changed to Providence Willamette Falls. Lost of big changes with computer systems.
But.... on to my art. Where has that been. Well, several of my art-y folks I have made in the past keep peeking at me and wondering what's up~! So my friend Pea at Gave me this CUTE frog prince-ess and she/he is now showing off our new countertops. Silestone in browns, creams and and and. I look like I always have a spotless least on the counters.

Have been reading alot on sewing and quilting lately and stashes of fabric. Thought I would prove I am working towards having tons for my children to say, "wow, what should we do with all of this STUFF"... HA to them. This is the tip of the fabric-burg. Just got this great cubbie shelf and sorted through this much. I have another cabinet that I have to fit in my studio.
PS... the small skates are a project to paint... UHMmmmmmm... Painting is in my head too.

I some how came home with a new Babylock Evolution serger. Boy is this baby a charm. My last Babylock was 15 years old, worked like a horse and I had never changed the cutting blade.
I have this one figured out ... cover stitches, overlocking.

Also, my best new toy. ... . A Bernina 830 sewing, quilting and embroidery machine. I am taking classes to learn this big baby. Talk about the tip of the iceberg... My wonderful sister gave me her Koala Sewing cabinet that is strong enough to hold this 38 pound sewing machine.
I learned to sew from my professional dressmaker... Momma. I have plans to make my lined large picture window living room drapes and also for the dining room slider. My hubby will have to bring in a couple of saw horses and a large table top so I can work on those. Can't wait. Fabric is ordered along with the blackout lining.
My Mom was a specialist at a time for Goodell's Custom Draperies in Portland, Oregon. She made all the custom order valances and swags. I worked there in the summers during high school.


greg.alexander said...

Fun site, Susie! You do some really creative work.

Greg Alexander

Anonymous said...

Your work is amazing - glad I found your blog and look at that pile of material - WOW! Have fun!

PEA said...

Oh sweetie I never saw this! Bad Pea.
wonderful new counters. I wish.
so how is everything going this summer. Miss you.