Saturday, August 8, 2009

Alaska going ..going..... almost gone~!

Of course I have done some crafting. This hand sculpted puffin make do is a gift for the house owner that we kicked out of her house. It has an inhuit "sort of" design on the base.

A family picture and we are so tired. Out in the sun for 3 days in a row. Pilar Hill looks down on one of Kodiak's harbors.
We went back up to Pilar Hill in Kodiak and saw the windmills on a sunny afternoon. They almost look like they belong in a science fiction movie. Max was so happy to pose for a couple photos.
We fished a last day at the mouth of the Olds river. The fish were not biting~! No change or combination of lures or weights interested the fish to bite.
This beautiful jelly fish was washed up with the incoming tide. Almost Halloween colors and very large in size... about 15 inches across.

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Mrs. Art Doll Maker said...

I love this hand sculpted Puffin. Many of the pieces I've seen that showcase just the head or part of the body on a candlestick is appealing becauase it's so different and primitve, doesn't take up a lot of space for collectors, and in some instances, it can make the head look almost as if it's floating. These colors stand out and pop.