Saturday, August 8, 2009

155 Pound Alaskan Halibut

Our last deep sea fishing charter and we limited out on King and silver salmon. Tons of bottom fish, one big Ling Cod and a HUGE 155 lb Halibut caught by John. That big fish ran him around the boat, had to be harpooned and then 2 men lifted it onto the boat. When we went drop of the fish at the fish processing plant...they tied a rope around the fishes tail. He was then lifted up on a crane chain and we got some pictures.
I don't have those pictures yet. John had taken a picture on our digital camera and then took 28 minutes of video of the inside of his pocket. So we have a few pictures to have developed.
The charter group was myself, John, Bob and his son Nick. We also were joined by a father and son (Music professor/flutist and pediatrician) who had never caught big salmon.
I wasn't able to out do my husband with his big fish...but all my fish were sooooo much bigger, brighter and fatter than my brother Bobs...HA HA HA
As our trip comes to an end ... we need to wash and de-fish-stink the car, go up Pilar Hill in Kodiak and take wind turbine pictures up close and of coarse fish some more.
We miss you all and hope the weather has been much cooler for you all. We have had SUNNY days and our noses and cheeks are pink/red from the long days sun.
We miss you all and are glad we are still here~!~! We'll be back up in 2 years again but will either catch the sock-eye run earlier or the silver run in September.


Es said...

Sue, crafting, fishing, and family you much be very happy. Tell John
nice fish!


The Cat-a-list said...

Hey that halibut is as big as my sister and I bet just as stinky. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful trip. What great memories!


disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.