Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kodiak land and water

The Kodiak flower baskets, wind turbines and seaport posts make a great combination for walks around the city.

My first fishing adventure in float tubes... what if they sink, what if they tip over, what if they get a hole in them, what if something bites me......
I had to put on the neoprene chest waders and tons of clothes under neath. Extra sweatpants, shirts, sweatshirts, and socks. I am inside somewhere. I think this is when I should say I have to find the powder room???
Managing a camera, pole, lures and large flippers kept my mind from worrying about a Stephen King lake monster!!
John and I fished for about 6 hours in the Buskin lake. Lots of fish called Dollies that are like a trout but silvery green with pink polka dots. We must have catch 50 each with a catch and release style and brought home 6 large ones. Yummy.
Here you can see a picture of John in his tube and a picture of my flippers. It was too risky to hand the camera to John for my "in the tube" photo. I wasn't trustworthy. I lost a pair of fishing pliers thinking I was putting them in a cute little pocket on the side. OOOOPS~! It was the open ended pocket for the fishing pole.
I wish we could have had a video of us walking with HUGE flippers into the lake, ever so gracefully fitting those flippers into the float tubes and then sailing off to the lurking dangers below.

Which charter boat to go out on??? Trolling for King and Silver Salmon. Bottom fishing for halibut, link cod and rock fish. We love it all. So we'll be out another 2 charters this week and we all can't wait.

I thought I found a great craft treasure ... old rusty springs~~!!! Please, please can't I take this home? Can't I cut it up and take some of these home. I love old springs... I was denied. Booo Who

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